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Small Temperature Controller with On-Board Sensor | MicroTC

Small Temperature Controller with On-Board Sensor | MicroTC

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Small Temperature Controller Description:

The Micro TC Small Temperature Controller is factory set for your setpoints and hysteresis or Proportional Band. The MicroTC is also available in adjustable setpoint versions which utilizes an external potentiometer to set the setpoint. Micro TC has a 3 Amp MOSFET output that can be used to drive SSRs, TECs or a small heater. The on-board sensor avoids the extra cost of a thermocouple or RTD.  Available with on-off or proportional control and can be ordered for 12 or 24VDC operation.

MicroTC Small Temperature Controller Features:

  • 12 or 24VDC Power
  • Super Compact Design
  • Mounts with One Screw
  • Heat or Cool Operation
  • Custom Temperature Ranges
  • Fixed Setpoints & Hysteresis
  • -10 to 85C  +/- 0.5degC 
  • Freeze Protection Applications
  • On-Off or Proportional Control
  • Fixed or Adjustable Setpoint

To order, You must select the quantity and type from the selections above and contact us with the exact ordering code you need:

MICROTC-XX.X-XX.X-X-X-XX Setpoint Temperature (XX.X degC) (E) for External
MICROTC-XX.X-XX.X-X-X-XX Band or Hysteresis (XX.X degC)
MICROTC-XX.X-XX.X-X-X-XX (O) On-Off Control OR (P) Proportional Control
MICROTC-XX.X-XX.X-X-X-XX (R) Reverse or (D) Direct Acting Control
MICROTC-XX.X-XX.X-X-X-XX Power Supply Voltage, (12) or (24) VDC



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