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Peltier H-Bridge Amplifier | TCH1560

Peltier H-Bridge Amplifier | TCH1560

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H-Bridge Description:

The TCH1560 TEC H-Bridge provides an efficient solution for interfacing standard heat/cool temperature controllers to TECs (peltier modules). The H-Bridge circuit provides both positive and negative polarity control of Pelteir modules via the heat and cool inputs.  The optically isolated and control inputs can be driven from standard 5-12VDC temperature controller outputs.

TEC H-Bridge Controller Features:

  • Use with Common Temperature Controls
  • Controls TECs (peltier)
  • Up To 2KHz PWM Control
  • Controls in Heat and Cool Directions
  • 12-60VDC H-Bridge Voltage 
  • 15A Output Current 
  • Transient Protection 
  • Optically Isolated Control Inputs

TCH1560-XX Tec H-Bridge 15A 60V
TCH1560-XX 12V or 24V
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