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Crydom Random Fire Solid State Relay


Crydom Random Fire SSR


Crydom Instant on / Random Fire Solid State Relays are typically used for inductive loads or phase angle control applications.  Also known as “asynchronous” or “instantaneous” solid- state relays, these relays turn on very quickly after the application of the control signal. In most cases the SSR output is fully on in less than 100μS.

Instant on SSRs are the correct choice when using our SSRMAN-1P or SSRMAN-1P-CL phase angle control modules. Crydom Random fire solid state relays are designated with a -10 suffix on the part number.

600V (Crydom HD6090-10)


480V   (Crydom HD4825-10, HD4850-10, HD4890-10, HD48125-10):


240V  (Crydom D2425-10, D2450-10, D2490-10, D24125-10):


Additional information

Input Type


Current Rating

25A, 50A, 90A, 125A

Voltage Rating

240VAC, 480VAC, 600VAC